Champions Camp Reviews

“Champions’ Camp provided me the training and guidance to play at the highest levels in the United States. Whether it was on a high school, club, ODP, Regional or National team, Dean was always there to push me and motivate me. His training challenged me and gave the foundation that allowed me to compete at some of the highest levels in women’s soccer. However, Champions’ Camp was more than that. The values that Dean instills in the impressionable athletes who attend Champions’ Camp are immeasurable. Champions’ Camp is such a great camp that every camper, regardless of age and level, will be destined to walk away a better player.”


“When it comes to teaching soccer there is no better place to learn than Champions’ Camp. Going to camp was such great experience. I looked forward to it every summer.”

“If you want to be the best you can be, then there is no better place than Champions’ Camp. The life lessons I learned at camp still serve me to this day.”

“Everything I learned about soccer and how to achieve excellence both on and off the field came from Champions’ Camp. I have attended many camps and it is safe to say that Champions’ Camp is the best by far.”  

"The training I received at camp has put a confidence in me that can't be shaken. I absolutely loved attending camp and would recommend it to anyone who wants to achieve success."

"Coach Schneider gets it! Without question, the values training I received at Champions’ Camp has directly contributed to the success I have been blessed with at the United States Military Academy, and two subsequent year-long deployments as a Platoon Leader and Air Mission Commander with the 3rd Armored Cavalry Regiment."

“Having worked at several English soccer camps in the United States prior to joining the Champions’ Camp staff, I would have to say that Champions’ Camp is head and shoulders above the rest! This superiority is a result of their commitment to improving each camper and a fantastic atmosphere.”

“Champions’ Camp has had a tremendous influence on the children in our town. Champions’ Camp is not known for just emphasizing the skills and tactics of soccer, but of developing the child in the more important lessons of fair play, dedication to effort, and character development. I am confident that any program that selects Champions’ Camp will be more than satisfied with the results of that decision.

“My daughter attended you camp last week and I feel compelled to thank you for a great experience. In addition to the soccer skills she sharpened and acquired, you and your team reinforced the need to have the skills to give 100%, to win and lose with grace, and to appreciate every day. You created an environment that was fun and effective. This was our first year with you, but it won’t be our last.”

“Having sent five daughters to Champions’ Camp it is safe to say that their success in soccer would not have be possible without Coach Schneider and his outstanding staff.”

“I would like to send a big thank you to you for giving my daughter the opportunity to attend Champions’ Camp. She learned all the skills that she was lacking, while having fun doing it. She had a blast and can hardly wait until next year.”

“Champions’ Camp is simply the best and has made a tremendous impact on me as a player and person. I was challenged to be my best every day of camp and was inspired by outstanding motivational speeches. I don’t know anyone that comes close to you in terms of wit, coaching skills, and humor.”

“This week has been awesome! I loved all the drills we did and the motivation we got from you. You’re a great coach and person and I will really miss having you as a coach.”

“Thank you for an amazing week. You’ve truly inspired us to be better people and taught us what it means to have character. You’ve helped our team bond and get a lot closer. I appreciate how much you have taught us about life and soccer.”

“I don’t’ know where to start. You have inspired me an unbelievable amount and I truly appreciated all of the work you put into making us all better soccer players and people.”

“I couldn’t have asked for a better week. You inspire me so much to not only be a stronger player, but a better person. I wish that I could have your coaching all the time, but I know that my heart will push me to always improve. I’ve been so inspired by your talks about it means to be great; you really have no idea. And even though I may not be the greatest player on my team, I can’t wait to be a team player with character.”

“Thank you so much for the past week. Every year I learn so much more from you and I can’t tell you how much I appreciate it.”

“I want you to know that I absolutely loved camp! I have never learned more about soccer in my entire life and I also had a ton of fun doing it.”