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Since 1987 Champions’ Camp has provided the perfect training environment for aspiring soccer players who want to achieve their best, both on and off the field, and have a ton of fun in the process. We offer an exciting and challenging opportunity for players to develop the necessary skills, tactics, character, and mindset to take their game to the next level. Our goal is to properly instruct, challenge, and inspire our campers to make the most of their God-given talent and return to their teams better teammates, players and people. Adhering to our proven formula for excellence, we offer young people the opportunity to prepare for and get a head start on the high school season. At Champions’ Camp you will find a unique and uplifting week awaits you and your teammates!

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We believe team chemistry is more important than X's and O's to a team's success. We view it as the glue that holds a team together throughout the ups and downs and challenges of a season. Good chemistry amongst teammates involves an attitude and atmosphere in which players are committed to the greater good of the team and not their own agendas. At Champions’ Camp we deliberately and proactively foster this team-first attitude and atmosphere.

“The best part of team camp was the bond that was created between all of us players. We left camp a better, stronger, and closer team.”

Courtney Lawson (3x HS All-American, Penn State University, and former camper)

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At Champions’ Camp we aren't offering any pie-in-the-sky promises or candy-coated lines of encouragement. We simply tell our campers this: If you want to be a great player, then you must earn it through old-fashioned hard work and sacrifice. This may not be what everyone wants to hear, but it is the truth. However, we believe that through hard work and sacrifice our campers will eventually develop the Edge, which is an inner-confidence of knowing you have worked harder than your opponent and therefore you are going to win. Champions’ Camp is not for everyone. It is only for players who want to be challenged and athletes who want to be their best.

“If you want to learn how to play soccer the right way, then there is no better choice than Champions Soccer Camp.”

Niki Cross, Bayern Munich, Houston Dash, and UConn (former camper)